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Sawyer gun range prohibits use of exploding targets

IMG_2533• Violators will incur penalties

By Krystle Taylor

Changes are being made at the Hugo Lake Corp of Engineers Gun Range, located near Sawyer Bluff.
Signs are being installed at the range to notify users that exploding targets have been prohibited.
According to assistant lake manager Isaac Martin, the use of tannerite is concerning locals and causing damage to the gun range.
“The loud boom that comes with the tannerite is causing a big disturbance, mainly with the Sawyer Bluff residents. Not only that, the destruction of the range can be attributed to it… People are bringing trash, shooting it and leaving it. It has damaged signs and most of the wooden backstops.”
The gun range is one of very few, and the only one in the tri-county area owned and operated by the government. Local skeet team students use it for practice and it is open to anyone. But according to Martin, improper use will eventually lead to its closure.
“The gun range is a place for the people. Now that signs are being placed prohibiting the exploding targets, anyone caught violating these restrictions will incur a penalty,” Martin said.
Those interested with clean-up of the range, are asked to call Martin at 580.326.3345.

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