Patriot caldron boils into criminals

Not since the War of 1812 has our Capitol seen a mass breach by armed combatants. We only begin to scratch the surface this week of understanding how a mob of white supremacists, waving Confederate flags and incited by the sitting president of the United States, was allowed to occupy and ransack one of our most sacred institutions. Years of norm-breaking, rhetoric and lies appealing to our country’s worst racist and xenophobic instincts brought us to this point, against a backdrop of concrete policy changes that have led to historic degrees of inequality. We hope you’ll join us in the coming weeks and months in investigating the question: Where do we go from here?
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Bad violence vs. ‘really bad’ violence...

Youngsters in our country and around the world must be really confused right now. They’ve sat through an entire year of violence, burning buildings, churches, private businesses and even multiple killings of police officers and red-blooded American citizens, to be told by main-stream media reporters (with flames in the backgound) that the protest was “largely peaceful” and for the most part...